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Damaged Prints

Torn, creased, faded, stained or marked photographs can all be restored to their former glory.


Tints/colourisation can be added to black and white prints. Colour can also be corrected on old, faded, colour prints.

Restoration of Drawings

As well as restoring damage to photographs, we are also able to produce restored versions of pictures and drawings

Portrait Restoration

Removing red-eye or flare from glasses, tidying stray hair or removing facial blemishes. Opening eyes (please supply alternative print or negative with the subject's eyes open).

Amending Backgrounds

Removing Telephone poles/wires or obtrusive background clutter. Removing or lightening shadows, adding blue sky or removing clouds. Clipping or background removal


Group Shots

We can even add or remove people from group shots or create the best group from alternatives supplied. 


Photographic prints, both black and white and colour can show the ravages of age. Fading, tears, creases, stains and marks are all problems which can affect and spoil old and precious photographs. With computer manipulation, these problems can now be solved. Restored copies of your original photograph can now be made without harming your original photograph.

In addition, we are able to offer a digital retouching service which can help to improve those images which may be marred by some defect beyond your control. Please discuss your requirements with our technicians who will be happy to offer any advice and suggestions and give an estimate for the work required.

See the examples to the right of the types of retouching options. Roll your mouse over the images to see the original and restored versions.

if you have a problem photograph please telephone, email or write for a quotation. See our contact page for all our details. All work is charged by the hour. Minimum charge £10.00.