The delivery to Alan Cooper Colour Labs(“The Company”) of any film or other photographic material together with instructions therefore shall constitute an order by the customer upon and subject to these Terms of Business. The order shall be accepted by the Company starting to process it.

The customer is deemed to authorise the company to process the order without regard to potential or actual copyright in any film, document, literary work or photograph governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 or any statutory modification of re-enactment thereof and the customer shall fully indemnify the company against any breach of such copyright or matters relation thereto.

All film and other photographic material deposited with the company by the customer shall be regarded as the property of the customer who shall act in all dealings with the company as principal and not as agent.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing by the company, all work must be paid for at the time an order is placed and at the company's rates then current. In the event of payment being deferred the company shall have the right to exercise a general lien on all film and prints belonging to the customer until all sums from that customer have been paid in full.

The company reserves the right to refuse an order and/or to destroy any material where such materials are obscene, potentially libellous or contrary to the company's policy.

Whilst taking every reasonable care to maintain high standards throughout the company is unable to accept any liability in respect of loss or damage to film or prints entrusted to the company Any damages to which the customer may be entitled for any claim whatsoever shall be restricted to the cost of replacement materials.

Where original materials are deposited with the company it shall be the clients responsibility to inform the company of the value of such materials either before or when the are placed on deposit. Insurance cover for such materials shall then be subject of agreement between the customer and the company. Without such agreement the company will not accept liability beyond the cost of replacement materials.

On completion, processed materials will be posted or available for collection as specified. All carriage and posting is solely at the customers own risk.

Processed material not accepted by the customer must be returned to the company within 14 days of delivery to the customer Work which is so returned on the grounds of individual colour taste will be charged for in the normal way if found to be within the company acceptable limits having agreed to variations in photographic materials used. All sizes quoted are approximate.

Where a close colour match is required a sample of the required colour must be supplied with the initial order. There is no guarantee of perfect colour matching for print repeats.

The company shall have the right to cancel or delay processing of the order if it is prevented from or delayed in carrying out the work through any circumstances beyond its control.



Cash with order. All prices are exclusive of V.A.T. For customers with account facilities, terms are strictly net monthly. Any account not settled within this period will be subject to a 2% per month surcharge on the overdue account.

Partners: Alan and Ruth Cooper